How to Engage with Other Learners During Class

This article covers classroom etiquette to follow when participating in class.

GetSetUp strives to make class experiences pleasant for everyone involved. We expect our learners to participate respectfully, responsibly, and kindly in the class sessions and our online community. Below are "Do's" and "Don'ts" for participating in GetSetUp classes.


  • Remember that everyone is in class to learn
  • Focus conversations on the class topics 
  • Interact with other Learners via Zoom Chat, it's a great way to chat during the class. 
  • Remember that group classes require group participation, contribute to the conversation!


  • Avoid controversial topics that may cause adverse reactions such as topics related to politics, religion, race, sexuality, and other polarizing issues.
  • Don't speak over other Learners, please make sure you are giving everyone the chance to participate.
  • Don't be disrespectful towards other Learners or the Guides. 

Learners who violate these terms may be at risk of being removed from the class and maybe at risk to not have access to future classes.


Last Updated 10/8/2020