How do group classes work?

In a group class, you would be learning together with  4-5 people.

These are introductory classes on various topics. You should be prepared for class by reading the agenda before the class. The Guides stick to the agenda.

In each class, after the Guide teaches you, you'll get about 30 minutes to practice with your Guide and ask questions.

What to expect?

The Guide might be able to customize the session for you but if there are multiple people in the class that cannot be guaranteed.

If there are different levels of learners the teacher will cater to the majority of the class. 

If you think the class isn't at your level (too basic or too advanced) you can leave and join another relevant class but emailing us at

Can I bring a friend or a spouse to the class?

Yes, you can bring a friend or a spouse.

If you need to cancel send an email to bookings@getsetup. io