How do I prepare for my one-on-one class?

Your one on one class is your opportunity to get personalized instruction from your GetSetup Guide on your class subject.  We’re excited to have you in the class and want you to get the most out of the session.  Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for the class:


Before the class:

    1. Mark your calendar.   If it’s not already there, update your calendar with class details from your class confirmation email.

    2. Verify your system is set up for your online class.    We use a video chat tool called Zoom for our online classes.   You will need to download the app on your computer before the class if you have not already done so.   Click here to download Zoom.

      Once downloaded, join a test meeting to verify the setup.  Click here to learn how to join a test meeting.
  • Set up your workspace.   Since we will be using online video chat it’s best to locate your workspace in a quiet location.   A spot close to your router helps with a better internet connection.
  • Think about your goals for the class.  In your 1:1 class, you will be able to work with your Guide instructor to learn the things that are most important to you.    You may want to just get a general understanding of the tool’s capabilities and how it could work for you.   Or, you may have specific questions or topics you’d like to get help with.  

    For example,  if you were taking a LinkedIn class your goal might be:
  • I want to learn how to update my profile to maximize my chances of attracting recruiter’s attention.     Or
  • I’d like tips on how to use LinkedIn to increase my network  Or
  • I want to learn how to find and apply for jobs on LinkedIn

5  Minutes before the class:

  • Join the class.   Check your email for the Zoom link.   An email will be sent 1 hour before the class start time with the URL you need to load for your class.    Copy and paste this link into your browser to load the Zoom session for your class.    

If you happen to join before the teacher, don’t worry.   You will be admitted to the waiting room or see a message that the host will be with you soon.   Sit tight and the Guide will start the meeting at class time and be with you soon.

If you have trouble joining the class, email or go to and send a chat message.