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How to Book a Class

Ready to book your first class? This is a step-by-step guide on how to search, select, and book your first GetSetup class.


1. Visit www.getsetup.io

2. You can search for classes utilizing the Classes and Schedule tabs. In this video we'll be using the Search bar found on the top navigation bar. 

3. Type in a keyword that would be associated with the class you are interested in.

4. You can pick a class from the drop down options from the search bar.

5. Once you select a class, it will open up to the class page. This is where you can review the following.

    • Class title
    • Class reviews
    • Class description
    • Ability to share via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and by copying the link 
    • What the class will cover, how to participate, and things to keep in mind
    • Group Class session openings
    • Private Class session openings

6. On the righthand-side of the page, you'll find the sessions with an associated date and time that have open seats in them.

All times on the website will appear in your local timezone.


7. The next class session available will appear on the page, but if that date/time does not work for your schedule you can click "View More Dates". 

8. Once you find a session that works with your schedule, you can click the "Choose" button.

9. Input your information on this page

10. After all of your information has been keyed in, you can press the "Book Now" button to complete your booking. 

11. You'll land on the Booking Confirmation page where you can do the following:

    • Add the class date and time as an event to your digital calendar. This feature supports Yahoo, iCal, and Google calendars. 
    • Ability to share via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and by copying the link 
    • Watch the "Mission Accomplished!" video to see how to best prepare for your class. 


Last Updated 10/2/2020