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How to Cancel and Reschedule a Class

Not able to make your scheduled class? Here is how you can cancel, and then re-book the class for a later date.

How to Cancel Your GetSetup Class

1. Locate the booking confirmation email titled "Your Class is Confirmed"

2. Find the blue "Cancel" button in your email, and click it 

3. By clicking the "Cancel" button, it will open up a separate browser window

4. Ensure you are canceling the correct class, and select a reason in the "Feedback" drop-down menu

5. Press "Submit" when you are ready to submit the cancelation.

6. Now you're ready to re-book your class for a time and date that best fits your schedule.

Rescheduling a Free Class

If it's a free class, you are good to book another class after canceling your previous booking.

Rescheduling a Paid Class

If it is a paid class, please reach out to Learner Support in order to transfer that credit to a new class.  

How to Reschedule

After you have canceled your class by either clicking the "Cancel" button in your email, you can re-visit the class page and book another time slot. 


Last Updated 10/11/2020