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How to Join Class

When you're ready to join your class, follow these instructions.

How to Join Class

1. Locate your emails titled "Happening Today" or "1 Hour Reminder"

2. In one of those emails, find the blue button titled "Join Class"

3. 5 minutes prior to the class start time, click the blue "Join Class" button.

4. This will open up a GetSetUp browser window with a countdown to when your class will start.

5. When the countdown is complete, it will show you the class agenda and a "Launch Zoom" button.

6. Click the "Launch Zoom" button when you are ready to join class. 

7. This will open up a Zoom window, have a fun time in class!

Downloading the Zoom app on your tablet or computer is not required to join class. 


Last Updated 10/11/2020