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What Happens After an Application is Submitted?

 Below is an outline of the application process and steps to become a Guide.



Completed By


Application Submitted

Guide Applicant


Application Reviewed

GetSetup Team

Only applications that are complete are reviewed

Application Acceptance/Decline 

GetSetup Team

Sent to Guide applicant usually within 1 week after application submission.  Confirms application is complete and applicant is moving to next step.

Class Posted as ‘Coming Soon’ on GetSetup website

GetSetup Team

Optional step required if the class idea submitted with the application is 'Other'. (The applicant has chosen  to submit the application with an idea of their own vs selecting one of the specific topics listed on the suggested class list). 

 In this case, the class will be listed on our website as  'Coming Soon'  for up to 4 weeks to gauge demand  (need 25 people to express interest).   We do this to help ensure there is current demand for the topic suggested before the applicant invests more time in preparing for the class.   

Invitation to Become a Guide Sent to Applicant  

GetSetup Team

Applicants with classes which have met demand requirements are invited to become a Guide.    

Demo Class

Guide Applicant

Demo Class taught to GetSetup team and other learners within 1 week after invited to become a Guide

New Guide Completes GetSetup Academy

Guide Applicant & GetSetup Team

New Guides invest 8-12 hours in training before teaching their first class to our member community.   The Academy involves both self study and GetSetup instructor led training.  Hours spent in the training are professional development for the new Guide and are not paid hours.

Background Check  & GetSetup Teaching Agreement 

GetSetup  Team & Guide Applicant

At this point, both GetSetup and applicant are ready to move forward.  Applicant has completed demo class and training and is ready to begin teaching as a Guide.  GetSetup initiates (and pays for) the background check.

GetSetup sends the teaching agreement to applicant for their signature.

First 2 Classes Scheduled

GetSetup Team

Class listed on GetSetup website 1/wk for 2 weeks

First Class 

Guide Applicant

New Guide teaches their first class with GetSetup

Social Hour Scheduled

Guide Applicant

New Guide volunteers 1 hr/month to facilitate a social hour related to their topic.