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What Happens After Booking a Class

This article reviews what to expect after booking a GetSetup class. The process and email reminders you'll receive between booking and joining your class that will set you up for success.

Congratulations on booking your first class! Here is what you can expect after completing your booking. 

Video Overview

Written Overview

1. Booking screen confirmation

  • This screen confirms that you have successfully booked a seat into your class.
  • You can add this class as an event to your digital calendar by clicking the "Add to Calendar" button (This supports Yahoo and Google calendars).
  • You can share the class with friends and family by clicking the labeled buttons underneath "Share this on". There are options to share via Facebook, email, LinkedIn, and by copying the link. 

The "Welcome Video" shown on this screen (and linked above under Video Overview) will walk you through what to expect from now until your class start time.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 9.02.39 AM

2. Within 30 minutes, you'll receive an email titled "Your Class is Confirmed"

  • This email confirms that you have successfully booked a seat into your class. 
  • You have the option to add this class as an event to your digital calendar (Yahoo and Google).
  • If you need to CANCEL or reschedule, there is a blue button in this email to do so.
  • If you DO NOT receive this email within 2 hours of your booking, please contact Learner Support.

If you book your class within 1 hour of the class start time. You'll receive a different email to join class immediately.


3. The morning of your class, you'll receive an email titled "Happening Today!"

  • This email is your first reminder that your class is happening that day.
  • There is a blue "Join Class" button for you to use when it comes closer to your class start time.
  • There is the option to join via phone with the the information below the "Join via Mobile" title
  • If you are needing to CANCEL, there is the word "Cancel" below "Join Class". Click that word "Cancel" to proceed with your booking cancellation.


4. 1 hour before class starts, you'll receive an email titled "1 Hour Reminder" 

  • This email has a blue "Join Class" button that you can click to join class. We suggest clicking the "Join Class" within 5 minutes of the start time. 


5. After class notes

After class, you'll receive and email with notes from your Guide based on your class topic and specific mentions from your class session. The email will also suggest other classes based on your interests. 


Last updated 10/8/2020