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What To Keep Ready Before You Start your Application?

Before submitting your application, you'll want to take a little time to gather the items needed for the application.   Applicants are asked to choose a topic from our list of class topics and provide some basic information about themselves and the class idea.

Here's what you need to prepare to apply:

  1. Choose a Class Topic:  Select a topic from our list of suggested topics
  2. Class Description:   Write a short description in your own words explaining what the class is about. Excite the reader to take your class.    Descriptions should be 200 words or less.
  3. Class Objectives:  Identify specific learning objectives. Using bullet points, list what participants can expect to takeaway from your class
  4. Video:   Record a short video (3-5 min) about how you would teach your class.
  5. Resume

In the video, you should: 

  • Introduce yourself and the class
  • Explain why your are teaching this
  • Explain how it will be engaging and fun for everyone
  • Share what you want learners to leave with (how will this class unlock something in their lives) 
  • Teach a short segment of your class  ( If you are not familiar with recording tools, try using loom.com, or  screencastify.com, Both are easy to use recording (screencasting) tools. GetSetup also offers a screencasting class if you need guided instruction on how to use the tool. Enroll on GetSetup.io)