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  2. Formulating and Preparing Your Class Idea

What Should You Teach?

To get Guide's started teaching we ask that they select a theme and related topic from a list of topics.

Classes at GetSetup are organized into these four themes:

  • Technology -  Technical tools, software products
  • Enrichment -   Cooking, Arts, Entertainment, Travel, etc.
  • Health & Wellness - Physical Health, Mental Health
  • Professional or Personal Development - Entrepreneurship, Finance, Career Planning, Volunteering, etc.

Think about areas you are passionate about and about which you have some expertise.  Then, select one of the suggested topics from list before.

Class topics on the application are dynamic.  They are updated to meet the needs of our customers.

Once you know your topic, you'll want to plan how you would teach it.  In doing so,  think how that knowledge could benefit today’s seniors. Identify 2 or 3 things related to your topic that would be helpful or interesting for an older adult learner to know. Craft your class idea around these benefits.

For example,  if someone has  interest in technology, has expertise in Google and loves to travel, they might select a class that explores using Google Earth to virtually travel the world. Or, if someone has worked years as a recruiter, they may excel at leading a session on resume tips for older workers.