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What We Are Looking For In a Guide

We're looking for instructors (at GetSetup we call them Guides) who can excite and delight our senior learners by sharing their passion and knowledge in an online class. People who want to become part of a community of like-minded people and are enthusiastic about life-long learning and helping others.

When applying to teach at GetSetup, Guide applicants describe an idea or a class they would like to teach along with their personal information.

To be selected as a Guide, the Guide needs to be able to develop classes and teach (or facilitate discussions) in one or more of these areas:

  • Technology 
  • Enrichment
  • Professional or Personal Development
  • Health & Wellness

Within these categories, our classes vary in format from private sessions to large group sessions. All classes are taught live, online using our teaching platform and Zoom.

Formats for classes are:

  • Small group classes.    These are online, instructor led, interactive classes.   
  • Medium/Large group demo classes.     These are live, online classes  with 20+ participants.  Guides demo something and learners absorb with limited interaction.
  • Private sessions.    These are one on one sessions, online highly interactive session.   Guides meet privately with the learner and teach material to address the learner’s goals.
  • Discussions.  These are live, interactive discussions.   Guides facilitate discussion and foster socialization and community among the learners.

We are looking for Guides who can teach classes in the categories above using one of the formats.  For example, one Guide may have strong technical skills and be excellent at teaching small group classes where learners leave knowing how to do something using the tech tool being taught. Another Guide may thrive on facilitating discussion and conversation around a certain topic. And other Guides may be best at leading larger group sessions where they explore a topic in a more ‘show and tell’ mode.    


As you think about the idea you want to teach, think about the category and format that are best suited for your class.


Personal Qualities/Skills Guides Need:

GetSetup Guides do more than teach. They create a learning experience for senior learners that is welcoming and comfortable for everyone. They are empathetic and understanding of our learners’ level of knowledge. They enthusiastically share their expertise in an easy to follow way so learners leave with something new they can use in their lives.   


Expertise: Exceptional skill/knowledge, ability or background honed through 30+years of life experiences.   This may include expertise garnered from:

  • Being a subject matter expert, passionate about your topic
  • Being a well-informed enthusiast, excited to share your knowledge with others
  • Having experience, specialized training or certifications in your field

Personality: Empathize with our learners, engage them in learning and inspire them to take next steps.   We're looking for Guides who can make our older adult learners feel welcome and comfortable in the class whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced learners.
For example Guides:

  • Welcome learners and understand their learning objectives
  • Share the class content in a way that is interesting and relatable to learner's lives
  • Empathize and make the learning experience fun for both the learners and themselves

Life-Long Learner: Our ideal Guides are innately curious and thrive on both teaching and learning new things.    We're looking for Guides who embrace learning themselves.
For example our Guides:    

  • Are curious and seek to learn about new technologies, hobbies, places or opportunities
  • Aren’t bored because they’re always seeking and trying new things
  • Are energized by the challenge of learning something new  

Technical Know How & Equipment: Experienced and comfortable with technology and the Zoom platform. We're looking for Guides who can proficiently and effectively use video technology to provide top-notch online learning experiences.

Guides must have:

  • Experience or ability to learn how to host and teach using Zoom
  • A computer loaded with current software, video and mic
  • Fast internet for uninterrupted video sessions
  • A quiet spot from which to teach so class isn’t distracted with background noise        
  • Lighting that allows learners to see you and class materials